Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A week or so in photos

Three little birdies rest as mom cautions me from a few feet away
The nest is mostly made of Piefir. When my Dad told me 'piefir,' I thought it was some sort of plant thats called a fir, like the tree. When I decided to ask what 'piefir' was, he slowed it down for me: Pie Fur. As in the cat, named Pie, and fur, as in the remnants of his winter coat. Silly Pie.
Almond is good, but my favorite is still lemon.
Now that I've been introduced to Vecchito's, I don't know how I survived summers without it.
I'm not sure why we're growing tomatoes at work, but Matt says 'why not?'
Thirsty Black-eyed Susans outside work.
Apple Cider donuts from Lyman Orchards, courtesy of Miss Justine. A sure sign of Fall on the horizon. Even though its 90 degrees, with 98 percent humidity. Thank goodness I work in an air conditioned building!
Not-so-little man, J, after some chocolate ice cream and wielding a brand new flashlight.
Max and Emmie heading back home to Kelly's. The only cats I know that purr in the carrier. I think they might just be dumb. I do love them, however, I do value my sleep as well, so I won't mourn their absence too much.
Red Curry from Typhoon that I can't stop eating...even though it is so hot that it makes me sweat.

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