Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Working all the time sucks.
Having money, does not.
Here's what I've been doing with the money I earn from the job(s) that take up all my time.

Picked up our new Tempurpedic last night for $400 below cost- its nice to know someone at Sleepy's...

A necessary new (old) strap for the baby!
It also fueled my ebay habit...

The kooky looking shoes I ended up with!
I love them- super light & breathable!
Did a 5K no problem on Monday...but my calves are killing me today!

No luck on the boots expect I found the flannel lined ones at Target for $30 instead of $100...but they are sold out.
Of course.
Headed to the army/ navy store next week to try and find a bag...thats not $175...although that L.L.Bean bag will be mine one day...
but I need to find a bag to convert to a camera bag too....
more projects...

And I went to Maine, and it was gorgeous.
Pictures to come when I don't have work...
Maybe tonight!

Gearing up for the Pig Roast...(!!!)
Shopping...and returning
Pay off bills...(Yay!!)
Looking for a job that pays enough so I only have to do one...
at a good company...(that's the new goal)...
getting rid of fleas on fat and old cats...poor babies...
mentally preparing (and physically gathering) for Kel's extravaganza...
That's me in a nutshell right now.

Happy Tuesday!
Crap...its Wednesday...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Things I would like...

in the very near future...

a vintage strap for my new baby

fake RayBans that I can't even justify spending $
30 on...

a new pair of kicks since I ruined my sneakers at work-
and I don't need another excuse not to run...

well 2 pairs...
I'm going to try out some hippy running shoes...

or 3...because maybe this Fall will be the Fall that I get boots that I loveeee

and flannel?! Please and thank you

a new bed frame or headboard

This one would be amazing, but I don't see it happening...
And I've been searching for what I want to do.
As in my dream!
But then I just get side tracked by buying a wardrobe for said dream.
We are moving forward though- at least in the wardrobe department...
I'm looking that things that don't include jeans...or t-shirts...
Like this look-its lovely!

Especially the belt

or this one if it was bigger....
And have you seen this???
Its not your Mom's L.L.Bean...
Actually, it is my mom's L.L.Bean, its just not 'now mom's' L.L.Bean.
I need it all.

And a cabin in Maine apparently.
I could use the new weekender bag for weekends at said cabin....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Learning to pack

Last week I smartened up and didn't over pack. At least when it comes to art supplies. I've just come to accept that although I plan on crafting and creating while I relax, it just doesn't happen. I planned on capturing moments in oil pastels or in words on a journal page, but no. This time, my first time at CuzFest, I did however capture hundreds of moments on film- or at least on the memory card of my new baby. One medium I did mean to bring was watercolor, so I could do things like this....

or this..since I found a new love for blue crabs...

and maybe this one day...

Never the less, last week was well spent: sunning, swimming, eating, drinking, and napping. And oh ya, making bread.
Lots of bread.
10 loaves to be exact (I brought my Le Crueset) that were gobbled up by young and old.
And I finally finished American Gods.
Which was incredible.

I suppose I should explain 'CuzFest.'
CuzFest is a week where CTA's generation gathers together in a big house on the coast and brings (if applicable) their children and all the older family members (parents/ grandparents) come to visit. We cook giant meals, go crabbing, and relax.
This was my first year.
Of many more to come.
Photos soon.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthdays in July

A belated Happy Birthday to my one and only mom.
Whom I love.
And is just so wonderful.
And smart.
And talented.
And kind.
And beautiful.
And my mom.

A reduction print...something Mom and I may have to try...

Also, an on time* Happy Birthday to my one and only sister.
Who I also love.
And am so glad she's part of the family.
Even though she is terribly hard to shop for (;

*This was supposed to be posted last Monday, however I discovered that I don't have any lovely pictures of these ladies! Instead here is another lovely thing. And a dinosaur.

A slightly Twilighty print- she loves it too!

This will hang in my kids' room.
Because its funny.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Things I love right now...

I'm 6 hours off a 17 hour working day and I have a few things I'm lovin' ala aeb over at Dear Friend (quite a lovely blog!)

I usually hate fruity armpits, but I'm 6 hours into using it and its just fresh and nice since I also hate the smell of baby powder.

Because it does what it says it should and its the only one I can find that matches me in the summer months while I'm tan.

Mine is a different color & my laptop case comes from the same people! Its stretchy and cute and I love it.

Its delicious and good for you. And it has yogurt covered somethings.

My new (to me) Canon Rebel XSi

Even if its only used for food porn.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On the up and up!

My phone died yesterday.
I felt naked.
And out of touch.
I had to use Facebook to contact CTA.
I want to get rid of Facebook.
Its a time suck.
And a brain suck.
I rather be loving my life, not looking at others' lives.

I do love to snoop though.
And I do want an iphone.

I (well N and CTA) finally got rid of my couch.
After an impulse $600 purchase 4 years ago, and a nightmare of moving it each time (its a horseshoe sleeper sectional), 2 years of storage and water damage, it is officially on the curb and will be gone (fingers crossed) by the time I get home.
Sometimes, only in retrospect does a 'good deal,' become a sharp thorn in your side for friends (who store it) and family (that move it).
Luckily, I was able to buy N and CTA a round last night for their troubles at La Boca and then witness a crazy thunder storm on my way to dinner at N's house.

My sister-in-law had been playing Suzy Homemaker all day and dinner was great.

CTA left at 5AM this morning and after a sticky night of crappy sleep, I woke up every half hour to remind myself to go for a run before work and then talk myself out of it based on the impending 15 hours of work in front of me today.

4 days.
6 shifts.
1 pedicure with the sister-in-law.

Beach time.

And listen to these guys-
their Heineken commercial makes me happy.

Monday, August 1, 2011

And the beat goes on...

This weekend was less relaxing than I anticipated.
Actually, I'm a little exhausted right now. CTA was able to come home early from his business trip, which is great, but his presence added to the lack of motivation I had to do the things I should have done.
I pulled a double on Saturday, but we floated down the Farmington River yesterday.
That was great.
Overall, I'm sort of exhausted.
Working two jobs, and regularly having 2 days a week that I work more than 17 hours, is starting to wear on me and my relationships and my life.
The only place it isn't wearing is my wallet.
Thats why I'm still doing it.
I got a raise at my 9-5, but it managed to be negligible because I'm in a new tax bracket.
I love my new camera, but I haven't had time to use it much.
And I want to spend $200 on a bag for it.
Its that Catch 22.
I can't complain too much, I'll be on a beach in a few days, for
a week...but I'll be busy thinking about all the things I need/ want to do. Like I want to see my parents more, and my grandmother, and my little cousins, and my best friends. I want to garden and paint and make things. I want to go to the gym and relax and cook and read more. Instead I work. Or waste time stressing about not having time.

And you thought the pity party was going to end last week.
CTA is leaving again tomorrow morning and again I'll be working 6 shifts in 4 days.
I'm exhausted thinking about it.
Here's to a final push today and a week of sun, sand, and photos next week.