Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hold your Breath....It won't be too long. Swears.

Hi There.
Remember me?
I'll catch you up shortly on the wedding of the century (which took up most of August), September, and October.
Visual aides will be provided for kitchen updates and possible Fall shenanigans.
Don't give up on me now.
We've come too far.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

July in Pictures

July SO FAR. I still have a couple days...

I danced on the 4th...

I celebrated America with friends...

I was 50% of the cutest picture EVER...

and I went to Beer Fest sans a crap boyfriend plus a crazy pseudo cousin, a super awesome bf, a brother Nate, another brother Nate, a possible future roommate, a not-so-future sister, another pseudo cousin, and of course, Bender, in that order.

Friday, July 30, 2010

June in Pictures

I saw Phish with Cta and Gombie.

I saw John Bulter Trio with Matt.

We went camping.

Crystal's grandmother gave her a satchel.

I met my protege.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

May in Pictures

I went to Minnesota for work.

I went camping.

I was 50% of the cutest picture ever.

My camera broke taking the best picture ever in Phillie.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Backkkk (use a creepy voice to read that)

So here's the latest and greatest.

Just a few days ago I was thinking to myself, "Hey! Maybe I'll actually have time to blog when I head to North Carolina for vacation." I guess I got my wish early.

I'm in the hospital. I have been admitted and am currently begrudgingly attached to an IV of Heparin.

Keep in mind, this is the super abridged version!

Almost exactly 49 months ago, I was admitted to this same hospital for the same problem. After four failed diagnoses by a shit doctor, I was finally starting to feel better after being unable to eat, walk, or be comfortable. A week after my initial pain, doctors discovered blood clots around my stomach. I was immediately put on a Heparin dip and then was taught to administer Lovenox shots to my stomach (which my aunt was later required to do because I'm a baby) and then started a Coumadin regimen for the next year. After a year, my hematologist and I discussed going off the the meds and monitoring my health, which I did.

Flash forward 3 years.

I have mild stomach cramps and thought I made the mistake of telling my mom. Knowing my history, she 'strongly encouraged' me to go to the doctor, i.e. 'Go or I'll be mad at you.' So I called up my hematologist and he made an appointment for a 'STAT Cat Scan.' This made me feel very important. I left work with the intentions of returning the same day and made my way down the five blocks to the hospital. I notified my super awesome boyfriend, Cta, and told him it was no big deal because I was just doing it to make my mom happy.

She was right about him, I should have known better.

He showed up and we waited.

We read Us Weekly.

We read Better Homes and Gardens.

He read Time.

I got blood drawn.

We waited.

We made the nurse uncomfortable with our politically incorrect ranting.

We waited.

I got a Cat Scan with color contrast.

I thought I peed myself (look it up-its nuts).

We waited.

And waited.

Finally the nurse came in and I asked if I could head out.

She got all serious and told me they couldn't reach my doctor.

She told me I had a blood clot.


I swore at the nurse.

I cried.

Cta had never seen me cry.

He took it well.

He's a trooper.

Then I got pissed.

I have things to do. I have a wedding in 10 days. I have miles to run, and jewelry to make, a dress to pick up, hair to be done, work to go to, and oh ya, NOT A HOSPITAL TO BE IN. Cta pulled the Jasper mind control thing and I calmed down. Things got back into perspective. I'm not going to die. I'm going to be here. Work isn't going to burn down. I will be up and running soon enough for the wedding and my week long vacation to Topsail Island. I have insurance and an absolutely amazing support network around me. At best, this is a major inconvenience and something that I'll learn to deal with.

I am loved and I will be fine.

Especially when I have best friends like this:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Wheat...and no, its not beer.

Some eye candy for a blazing hot Thursday.
Gotta love well done mixed media...

I'll be prepping for Mom's Margarita Madness this Saturday.
She won't drink Cuervo..
She loves her Patron...
and Don Julio...
and anything else pure agave.
At least I don't have to wonder where I get it from.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Awesomeness Squared.

So, I disappeared.
I know, right?
You were all crying and stuff. But its for good reason.
I got happpppy.
And started taking my job slightly more seriously.
And I've been working on the raddest wedding ever.
I've also been planning the best summer ever....with CTA, aka the most awesome person I've ever met. Possibly cooler than this guy:

...but I don't think CTA has quite as good of a round-house kick...but he can cook...

And I smell awesome too because I bought new perfume.
Go me.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Music Monday...Peter Mulvey

Headed up to Pomfret last night to see Peter Mulvey at The Vanilla Bean with some of my favorites. I had never heard of the guy (and now don't understand how he isn't super famous), and it was super great. Comfortable space, amazing chili, and Sam's Summer Ale. It definitely didn't hurt that that he was super cute and can play the guitar. It was also excellent that there was this crazy guy in a sweater, turtleneck (I was in a tank), Coke-bottle glasses, and a gray afro, tweaked out on every person that even remotely got in his line of vision. Keep in mind that this guy was probably 70 and sitting in the back of the room and had no qualms about making his feelings known. And yes, I was sitting practically next to him. Good times indeed. And no, Kellx and I did not managed to keep ourselves quiet. It was too ridiculous. Wish I had taken pictures...or at least sketched him.

Went to this place

and saw this guy.

**Low point of the night--Matt wouldn't let us yell out 'Free Bird' like we're embarrassing or something...honestly....have you met me?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Wedding Wednesday...Thirst Quenchers

Now, I don't condone getting sloppy at a wedding, but it doesn't hurt to have a beautiful and tasty cocktail! N & C are doing the outdoor thing and there are just so many ways to go! I love the country-vintage-mason-jar-goodness...paired with a stripey straw? Yes please! I'm envisioning a claw foot bathtub full of N&C's special blend from Avery's and of course, Steve from Hooker, serving Blondes!

Stripey Straws for a festive vintage feel from Green Wedding Shoes

Tubs & Jars from Green Wedding Shoes
(This is whats happening for N & C's day)

Vodka on Ice via Martha

Mason Jar Masterpiece from Martha

Drinks for a Crowd from Martha

Proposal Punch via Martha

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wedding Wednesday...The Shoes!

Now, I'm definately an advocate for comfort, especially on your wedding day, but I'm having a hard time turning down some of these kicks for my big day. Just remember that if you want to wear gorgey heels for the ceremony and then go 'au naturel' for the reception, the length of your gown may disagree! I have never been a shoe girl-but I am now on the hunt for some serious Louboutins. I figure I could always use an extra inch.....or five!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Wednesday...So Succulent

When I was little, I would always stab my fingernails
into the waxy and squishy leaves to make them pop and see the liquid trickle out of the
green flesh-and then get yelled at for destroying things. It was just so satisfying. It was the early 90's. Everyone had them. They may have actually been in macreme hangers (specifically at that hippie's house that my mom worked for, with all the turtles...but thats another story...). Actually, my fingertips still itch when I'm around succulents....popping them is just zits...but I digress.

I had never seen this type of greenery in wedding bouqets, centerpieces, or headwear until a few months ago, but I love it! They're are just so unexpected, and there's something to be said about them in the martial sense. I know there's some deep connection that's pretty obvious here. I'll be loose about it though, because I'm single and not super interested in depressing myself about the lack of my connection with someone...Now that I think about it, that wouldn't depress, I just don't feel like thinking hard. Anyway, succulents withstand arid climates nearly void of water (even I had a hard time killing them) and they handle hot sun and high temperatures, much like the trials and tribulations of marriage. Yet, they are moist and delicate inside and fragile to the touch...of a five years olds with fingernails...and I suppose husbands and wives don't like being sratched either..back to the wedding jazz:

Favors by Martha

Lastly, and most importantly, you can make tequila out of them, and every marriage or single person needs tequila.

Mom's fav: Patron.
And then there was that time she tried to turn down Jose shots at a wedding because she 'only drinks Patron...' I apparently come by it honestly...

and finally, Tila Tequila, giving tequila a bad rap since 1981

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wedding Wednesday...cranium decor

I had never really considered such one-of-a-kind head pieces until I realized what a beautiful alternative they can be to a traditional veil....although I do love a I can't see getting married without one!
Is it taboo to wear one of these all on the regular?

Loboheme via Green Wedding Shoes

Monday, April 5, 2010

Vintage Love

In honor of my hop back on the wedding back wagon, I'll be posting my favs for weddings all week! Here are a few beautiful engagement session photos that could have been from days gone by.
A.) Where can I find a camera or photo program (and time!) so I can make these effects? and more importantly,
B.) Where can I find a super cute boy that'll love to take these shots with me one day?
...I sort feel like Judy Blume with B.)...Dear God, Its me Margaret.