Monday, April 12, 2010

Music Monday...Peter Mulvey

Headed up to Pomfret last night to see Peter Mulvey at The Vanilla Bean with some of my favorites. I had never heard of the guy (and now don't understand how he isn't super famous), and it was super great. Comfortable space, amazing chili, and Sam's Summer Ale. It definitely didn't hurt that that he was super cute and can play the guitar. It was also excellent that there was this crazy guy in a sweater, turtleneck (I was in a tank), Coke-bottle glasses, and a gray afro, tweaked out on every person that even remotely got in his line of vision. Keep in mind that this guy was probably 70 and sitting in the back of the room and had no qualms about making his feelings known. And yes, I was sitting practically next to him. Good times indeed. And no, Kellx and I did not managed to keep ourselves quiet. It was too ridiculous. Wish I had taken pictures...or at least sketched him.

Went to this place

and saw this guy.

**Low point of the night--Matt wouldn't let us yell out 'Free Bird' like we're embarrassing or something...honestly....have you met me?


  1. He has a great voice. Are you going to follow him to Ireland?

  2. I might have to. I think you'd really like him too.