Tuesday, June 30, 2009

0004 of 1001

So what if i color coded my books....Martha does too.

Monday, June 29, 2009

0003 of 1001

My future kitchen...

OK, I'm in love....with an appliance. Big Chill and Northstar put out a line of stoves, refrigerators, and now, dishwashers that are killer reproductions from the 50's. They come in an amazing array of colors. I've decided that I need a few houses so that I can indulge in a few different color themes. At the moment, orange-its so rich, is my favorite!

Orange by Big Chill

Buttercup Yellow by Northstar

Robin's Egg Blue by Northstar

Saturday, June 27, 2009

0002 of 1001

Wacky Weather!

So we almost had a tornado yesterday in little old Connecticut! I sat outside watching the sky darken until it started down-pouring. Where I live, we missed the worst of it, but neighboring towns were ravaged by wind, rain, hail, and lightning.

This is my 0001 of 1001

Thursday, June 25, 2009

101 in 1001

Here is my 101 in 1001- I have approximately 2.75 years to complete these tasks.
So, on March 22, 2012, I'll be done. I've been adding new items here and there so I'll never actually finish. Just like me...
Here goes nothing.

  • Not Done
  • Done
  • In Progress
  1. Get on/off a plane by tarmac
  2. Do NYC
  3. Go see Cirque again
  4. Leave the country
  5. Get out of debt
  6. Get a new tattoo
  7. Don't spend any money for one week
  8. Go skydiving
  9. Bungee jump
  10. Take photographs (almost) daily
  11. Take a blacksmithing class
  12. Learn to ride a motorcycle
  13. Eat at a Todd English restaurant
  14. Drink really good tequila (or camp out at Barrio)
  15. Go to flea markets or tag sales at least once a month (when its warm)
  16. Finish the Twilight series (don't judge me.) (3/4)
  17. Eat at Les Halles
  18. Go to Bonnaroo
  19. Clean out both closets & purge
  20. Make banners (me and Laura)
  21. Raise bees
  22. Get a new super sweet bicycle w/ a basket
  23. Go to a museum once a month
  24. Paint twice a month
  25. Complete an unfinished project every other week
  26. Get inducted into the "Friends Club"
  27. Make seasonal jam/jellies (3/6 Salsa Verde, peach & peach chipotle jam)
  28. Eat like a Veggie for a month
  29. Go without TV for a week
  30. Frame & hang more photos
  31. Get a pedicure
  32. Go for a float
  33. Send 20 letters to my friend and family 'just because' (2/20)
  34. Send a message in a bottle
  35. Visit a state I've never been to (Thank you Minnesota & Missouri)
  36. Go see a movie at the drive in (0/3)
  37. Save $1001 (a dollar a day)
  38. Run a 5K (10/24/2010)
  39. Go snowboarding
  40. Learn to knit
  41. Don't eat fast food for a month
  42. Make a fire on the beach
  43. Attend a midnight premiere- Twilight anyone?
  44. Smash something huge
  45. Build a snowman
  46. Compile a family cookbook
  47. Go on a trip with just Kell
  48. Go see the Red Sox three times (1/3)
  49. Make new curtains
  50. Recycle
  51. Refinish the coffee table
  52. Do five shows (0/5)
  53. Catch fireflies in a jar
  54. Volunteer once a month
  55. Save $5 each time I finish a task!
  56. Bake or cook something new every other week
  57. Finish setting up etsy page
  58. Set up new vintage etsy page
  59. Update my portfolio
  60. Blog at least 3x a week
  61. Build a killer resume
  62. Get a new job!
  63. Be able to do 2 pull-ups (don't laugh)
  64. Get my hair cut
  65. Color my hair
  66. Go hiking
  67. Have a picnic
  68. Listen to live music outside
  69. Embellish Laura's baby boy's clothes
  70. Go to an amusement park
  71. Keep a journal...i feel like this counts...
  72. Make flowers for my hair
  73. Airbrush skateboards (0/2)
  74. Pay Dad back
  75. Refinish medicine cabinet
  76. Make new pieces of jewelry (150/150)
  77. Get a library card
  78. Wash sleeping bags (2/2)
  79. Go camping (6/6)
  80. Bring reuseable bags to the store & USE them
  81. Plant a garden (1/3)
  82. Dress up as something other than a pirate for Halloween (2/3)
  83. Visit Nicky in Georgia
  84. Finish triptych for Mom
  85. Go to farmer's markets
  86. Go to the sunflower & corn maze
  87. Make soap
  88. Reupholster chair
  89. Make headboard
  90. Steam clean my car's upholstery. Its gross
  91. Go to the beach (5/5)
  92. Make a terrarium for myself!
  93. Make a blanket for me
  94. Go to Vortex Burger
  95. Get business tax ID
  96. Get a chalkboard
  97. Advertise jewelry online
  98. Watch some sort of astrological event
  99. Make pickles
  100. Sort stuff @ Parents & purge & sell
  101. Finish unpacking!
  102. Help Crystal decorate for Halloween!
  103. Go paint balling
  104. Finish painting for Nate & Crystal
  105. Perfect BBQ w/ Chad
  106. Create a killer slip 'n' slide
  107. Fit into jean skirt from 2004
  108. Pawn ring (not worth it)
  109. Sharpe Hill with Mom
  110. Weld
  111. Get a new car...a Jeep!
  112. Get into happy-I'm-in-a-bikini shape
  113. Figure out my hive situation


OK, so I finished Twilight in record time and immediately went out and purchased New Moon.
Its awful.
Its masochistic.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Current Kick...Banners

I love these little things, great in any room, and just so simple for a festive atmosphere!

(these can be personalized too!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the speakers now...

So I just got the new Incubus and even though its a greatest hits and new song combo- its a double disc and the new songs are AMAZING! Some are a little more 'poppy' than I'd expect, but they grow on you. I'm addicted to 'Martini.'

I also can't stop listening to Cake since I saw them last month. It was magical! They gave away a flippin' apple tree. Not a little one either- it was 8 feet tall! I'm saving up to have them play at a huge party...or my wedding!

Oh Deer...

So when I was little, the idea of creepy little deer, was just that: creepy. However, now, deer have become a feminine symbol with a nod to Man-Caves everywhere.

You're my Dazzling Deer by Wrenn and Chickadee

Buckhorns Necklace by Skylark Studio

Deerhead 02 by Loffy

Paint by Numbers Clutch by Ikestaedt

Monday, June 22, 2009

For the literates...

I've succumbed to the madness and now I'm in love. I'm currently juggling Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Twilight. An interesting combo.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


OK, so I saw Dolan Geiman featured on etsy a while back and I've become obsessed. I love the work and the creators, Dolan and Ali just capture the old south perfectly, or at least perfectly to a dam yankee.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Eye Candy

Just a little eye candy for the weekend...isn't it June anyway?

from Daydreamers

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vegas Baby!

So I recently saw The Hangover, and although I would never want to do Vegas like the boys in the movie did, here are my picks for my next time around:

No trip to Vegas is complete without hitting up a Cirque show

The Neon Graveyard is now open for daily tours!

The Double Down Saloon isn't for the faint of heart...or stomach, none the less, its a landmark and necessity.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Current Kick...Vintage

So old is new...and fabulous! Check out these fab finds on etsy! And who doesn't love avocado?

and so it begins...

Today is the beginning of a new day, of a new age. So blogging is selfish, but whatev. For me, its a chance to remember all the stuff I find and be able to remember it at a later date for my own uses. Maybe you'll like something and insert it into a functioning memory bank. Maybe not. Either way, here goes.