Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I still have a year to go...

...but I'm realistic. There are things that will not happen in the next 358 days. So, I'm making my own rules and transferring somethings that I know won't happen. Sure, I would have liked to have been super human and accomplished everything, however, I am not. Looking back, I am extremely excited about the things I have accomplished and I would have never dreamt that I would be where I am- all 636 days ago. Plus, I'm up to 124 items. And that's not 101. So there.
Here's the start of list #2:
  1. Drive the length of Route 66
  2. Go to the Neon Graveyard & Double Down Saloon in Vegas
  3. Try surfing in Big Sur
  4. Skateboard Venice Beach on a longboard
  5. See the Grand Canyon again and raft it!
  6. Eat at Voodoo Donut in Portland, OR
  7. Stay in a yurt
  8. Read all the books I own
  9. Do five shows (0/5)
  10. Watch 20 'Classic' movies (0/20) including Wizard of Oz
  11. Start a website
  12. Finish learning Spanish
Crap. I'm still over 101 on my original list. Ehhh.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Creativity can't be stopped.

Well, I feel like its the end of an era.

When I sat down to dinner with my mom the other night, I took a sigh of sadness and relief at her announcement. She has decided to close the studio. Years ago, I can't remember how long because I was busy being a self-involved and pain-in-the-ass teenager, my dad converted one of the buildings on our property into a retail and craft space. Because he isn't prone to saying 'I love you,' he built her a physical representation of his love....and a scapegoat for gift giving for years to come. Anyway, over the next 10(?) years, birthday parties and girls night were held here. My brother's wedding was prepped for in the studio space just this past summer and hours and hours were spent creating here.

Fortunately, none of that will end. Between myself, my mom, and her friend and business partner, the studio had become a thorn in our sides. It was always that reoccurring item at the bottom of the checklist. It was always the item that always got pushed to tomorrow's or next week's 'to do list.' Whether it was redecorating for a new season or inventorying a new consignee's work, it was always too much work for one person and never enough money to make it a job. Classes, and parties, and events will still be held here. Art will still be created. We've decided on a few events a year and inviting all the artists who have so patiently participated over the years back for 'shows.' These openings give us the opportunity to create and not feel guilty for neglecting the studio. We can concentrate on a few days a year instead of scrambling to keep it open every weekend. The Golden Egg was and is a great idea; A group of local crafters and artisans coming together in a beautiful location to share their wares. However, life gets in the ways of certain things. Whether it be proximity and time, like me, or unavoidable life changing events, we all must adapt and make choices that make us happy. This closing is sad, but as my mom said, 'Its going back to our roots.' We will once again be crafters and artisans, not business people. And I'm happy with that.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One year left...

Well, in exactly one year: March 22, 2012, my 101 in 1001 will be done. I still have A LOT left to do! My list has expanded greatly past 101 and probably against the rules, I removed some items. They just weren't important to me anymore. Most of this probably has to do with my love of 'crossing things off.' Like on a 'to do' list- I'll write something that I've already done that day- just to cross it off-maybe just to feel like I've accomplished something- a measurement of time.
Its absolutely insane to look at where I was when I started.
I was a different person.
I take that back.
I was the same person physically and emotionally trapped in the hell hole.
Back then, you couldn't have told me that I would be doing what I'm do or that I could ever be this happy.
Everyday is awesome- even the one's that sucks.
So here's to crossing mor items off my list, not avoiding the ones I'm afraid of, and why not- to "Adonis DNA and tiger blood."

Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday for the boy...

Happy Belated to my Favorite because:

1. He'd rather go to an Irish hole-in-the-wall like Anna Liffey's instead of something that's..well...not an Irish hole-in-the-wall.

2. He insists on the new Sunday tradition of a real (preferably crock potted) meal...especially when handsaws are necessary.

3. He accepts my friends and has an amazing group of friends that have welcomed me with open arms and stomachs.

4. We cook and work well together to create things like this:

Happy Birthday CTA!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Best Friend's Sister's Best Friend's Wedding

Some how I got roped into 'helping' with the invitations for the aforementioned bride to be's shower.
Not that I'm really complaining.
It was relatively easy, I got some practice, and reconfirmed my super awesomeness...and I knocked off the invitations my mom and I made for my sister in law's shower.
And besides, working with the easiest bride's maids, I got to keep all the left overs!
Kel and her sister purposely met me late at the craft store so I could design and pick out all the materials and they could just pay.
My kind of clients.

Over sized hibiscus stamping

Printed vellum ready to be punched & tied
Final shots of the invites when Kel gets back with her (and my) camera from her cruise- possibly with a ring on her finger!
This was good practice since I'll be designing her whole wedding!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Updates (and pictures) galore.

$25 ugly bathroom fix: paint & a shower curtain

Fabric he picked out and an old sweater= pillow covers
(why yes, he did pick out a lovely paisley!)

The evolution of Etsy shipping...I think I'm on to something here....

The most romantic Valentine's day gift ever: an oil rubbed bronze toilet bowl brush.
Here's the back ground story: Since the first time I'd been in CTA's house he had this gray bathroom mat. Over the summer, I'd used the bathroom, shower, wiped my dirty hippie feet on it, etc. After moving in, I inquired about when he bought it (when he bought the house 1.5 years ago- coincidentally the same time the toilet bowel brush was FOUND at the house- yes included in the selling price) and the last time he washed it was. NEVER. Really? NEVER. Because he didn't think it could be washed. Worst part? He would put his clean shower towel on it and dry his feet. Need less to say, I washed it. Surprisingly, it was blue. Immediately after purchasing paint to spruce up the bathroom before a real renovation, I immediately tossed it and purchased new mats (which he hates to use out of spite) and a shower curtain to match. And since the kitchen and most lighting fixtures are oil rubbed bronze, I found my $10 Valentine's day toilet brush and named myself as The Best Gift Giver Ever. Yes, that was a tangent. Don't lie like you didn't enjoy it.

Fake oiled rubbed bronze pressed tin back splash- doesn't photograph well- but looks great.
And yes, I already patted myself on the back of picking that out and subtly convincing him how awesome it'd look.

And some cupcake love, because why not?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

75 never looked so good!

Thank you Penguin Ink for putting out a killer line-up of covers for your 75th anniversary.

Titles include:
  1. Money by Martin Amis
  2. Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding
  3. Waiting for the Barbarians by J. M. Coetzee
  4. From Russia with Love by Ian Fleming
  5. The Bone People by Keri Hulme

I'm pretty sure I'll be making the investment considering all the covers include rockabilly and flash art- still very near and dear to me...although I am considering less and less getting a real flash tattoo (Mom will be happy)- in favor of a one-off. Then again, maybe not. And then again, maybe my mom won't be happy.

I also plan on picking up T.C. Boyle's The Tortilla Curtain-great tattoo art there too.

I was shopping at Border's last night- my least favorite of B&N vs. Border's- because I had a bunch of gift certificates and 15 are closing in the state-so I was hoping for a sale. I still feel awful for my hypocritical ways. I love going to a bookstores. Smelling the books, browsing for hours (I found out last night that CTA does too!!), but I find all the books are wayyy over priced- at least in comparison to Amazon-hell all the links here are Amazon! So here I am, sad about the closing, annoyed that I'm spending my free money on over-priced books. Either way, I picked up Lolita which was recommended by a very smart friend and within pages I'm already loving the admittedly conversational tone. I also picked up Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead- which the more I think about it, I already own...thanks Mom! And yes, the only reason I got it was because of these awesome t-shirts that make me I feel like I should read and own every title. (If they had this one or this one- I would have bought it!)

While writing this, I drooled over the Penguin 75 list and decided I only want about 30 of them. CTA will have to build me more shelves.

More pictures of the move to come.

Crap, now I'm late for work.