Thursday, March 17, 2011

Updates (and pictures) galore.

$25 ugly bathroom fix: paint & a shower curtain

Fabric he picked out and an old sweater= pillow covers
(why yes, he did pick out a lovely paisley!)

The evolution of Etsy shipping...I think I'm on to something here....

The most romantic Valentine's day gift ever: an oil rubbed bronze toilet bowl brush.
Here's the back ground story: Since the first time I'd been in CTA's house he had this gray bathroom mat. Over the summer, I'd used the bathroom, shower, wiped my dirty hippie feet on it, etc. After moving in, I inquired about when he bought it (when he bought the house 1.5 years ago- coincidentally the same time the toilet bowel brush was FOUND at the house- yes included in the selling price) and the last time he washed it was. NEVER. Really? NEVER. Because he didn't think it could be washed. Worst part? He would put his clean shower towel on it and dry his feet. Need less to say, I washed it. Surprisingly, it was blue. Immediately after purchasing paint to spruce up the bathroom before a real renovation, I immediately tossed it and purchased new mats (which he hates to use out of spite) and a shower curtain to match. And since the kitchen and most lighting fixtures are oil rubbed bronze, I found my $10 Valentine's day toilet brush and named myself as The Best Gift Giver Ever. Yes, that was a tangent. Don't lie like you didn't enjoy it.

Fake oiled rubbed bronze pressed tin back splash- doesn't photograph well- but looks great.
And yes, I already patted myself on the back of picking that out and subtly convincing him how awesome it'd look.

And some cupcake love, because why not?

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