Friday, March 18, 2011

Best Friend's Sister's Best Friend's Wedding

Some how I got roped into 'helping' with the invitations for the aforementioned bride to be's shower.
Not that I'm really complaining.
It was relatively easy, I got some practice, and reconfirmed my super awesomeness...and I knocked off the invitations my mom and I made for my sister in law's shower.
And besides, working with the easiest bride's maids, I got to keep all the left overs!
Kel and her sister purposely met me late at the craft store so I could design and pick out all the materials and they could just pay.
My kind of clients.

Over sized hibiscus stamping

Printed vellum ready to be punched & tied
Final shots of the invites when Kel gets back with her (and my) camera from her cruise- possibly with a ring on her finger!
This was good practice since I'll be designing her whole wedding!!!!

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