Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Creativity can't be stopped.

Well, I feel like its the end of an era.

When I sat down to dinner with my mom the other night, I took a sigh of sadness and relief at her announcement. She has decided to close the studio. Years ago, I can't remember how long because I was busy being a self-involved and pain-in-the-ass teenager, my dad converted one of the buildings on our property into a retail and craft space. Because he isn't prone to saying 'I love you,' he built her a physical representation of his love....and a scapegoat for gift giving for years to come. Anyway, over the next 10(?) years, birthday parties and girls night were held here. My brother's wedding was prepped for in the studio space just this past summer and hours and hours were spent creating here.

Fortunately, none of that will end. Between myself, my mom, and her friend and business partner, the studio had become a thorn in our sides. It was always that reoccurring item at the bottom of the checklist. It was always the item that always got pushed to tomorrow's or next week's 'to do list.' Whether it was redecorating for a new season or inventorying a new consignee's work, it was always too much work for one person and never enough money to make it a job. Classes, and parties, and events will still be held here. Art will still be created. We've decided on a few events a year and inviting all the artists who have so patiently participated over the years back for 'shows.' These openings give us the opportunity to create and not feel guilty for neglecting the studio. We can concentrate on a few days a year instead of scrambling to keep it open every weekend. The Golden Egg was and is a great idea; A group of local crafters and artisans coming together in a beautiful location to share their wares. However, life gets in the ways of certain things. Whether it be proximity and time, like me, or unavoidable life changing events, we all must adapt and make choices that make us happy. This closing is sad, but as my mom said, 'Its going back to our roots.' We will once again be crafters and artisans, not business people. And I'm happy with that.

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  1. Well said. Thank you for putting it so eloquently.
    Love you.