Friday, April 9, 2010

Wedding Wednesday...Thirst Quenchers

Now, I don't condone getting sloppy at a wedding, but it doesn't hurt to have a beautiful and tasty cocktail! N & C are doing the outdoor thing and there are just so many ways to go! I love the country-vintage-mason-jar-goodness...paired with a stripey straw? Yes please! I'm envisioning a claw foot bathtub full of N&C's special blend from Avery's and of course, Steve from Hooker, serving Blondes!

Stripey Straws for a festive vintage feel from Green Wedding Shoes

Tubs & Jars from Green Wedding Shoes
(This is whats happening for N & C's day)

Vodka on Ice via Martha

Mason Jar Masterpiece from Martha

Drinks for a Crowd from Martha

Proposal Punch via Martha

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