Monday, August 1, 2011

And the beat goes on...

This weekend was less relaxing than I anticipated.
Actually, I'm a little exhausted right now. CTA was able to come home early from his business trip, which is great, but his presence added to the lack of motivation I had to do the things I should have done.
I pulled a double on Saturday, but we floated down the Farmington River yesterday.
That was great.
Overall, I'm sort of exhausted.
Working two jobs, and regularly having 2 days a week that I work more than 17 hours, is starting to wear on me and my relationships and my life.
The only place it isn't wearing is my wallet.
Thats why I'm still doing it.
I got a raise at my 9-5, but it managed to be negligible because I'm in a new tax bracket.
I love my new camera, but I haven't had time to use it much.
And I want to spend $200 on a bag for it.
Its that Catch 22.
I can't complain too much, I'll be on a beach in a few days, for
a week...but I'll be busy thinking about all the things I need/ want to do. Like I want to see my parents more, and my grandmother, and my little cousins, and my best friends. I want to garden and paint and make things. I want to go to the gym and relax and cook and read more. Instead I work. Or waste time stressing about not having time.

And you thought the pity party was going to end last week.
CTA is leaving again tomorrow morning and again I'll be working 6 shifts in 4 days.
I'm exhausted thinking about it.
Here's to a final push today and a week of sun, sand, and photos next week.

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