Thursday, August 18, 2011

Learning to pack

Last week I smartened up and didn't over pack. At least when it comes to art supplies. I've just come to accept that although I plan on crafting and creating while I relax, it just doesn't happen. I planned on capturing moments in oil pastels or in words on a journal page, but no. This time, my first time at CuzFest, I did however capture hundreds of moments on film- or at least on the memory card of my new baby. One medium I did mean to bring was watercolor, so I could do things like this....

or this..since I found a new love for blue crabs...

and maybe this one day...

Never the less, last week was well spent: sunning, swimming, eating, drinking, and napping. And oh ya, making bread.
Lots of bread.
10 loaves to be exact (I brought my Le Crueset) that were gobbled up by young and old.
And I finally finished American Gods.
Which was incredible.

I suppose I should explain 'CuzFest.'
CuzFest is a week where CTA's generation gathers together in a big house on the coast and brings (if applicable) their children and all the older family members (parents/ grandparents) come to visit. We cook giant meals, go crabbing, and relax.
This was my first year.
Of many more to come.
Photos soon.

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