Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On the up and up!

My phone died yesterday.
I felt naked.
And out of touch.
I had to use Facebook to contact CTA.
I want to get rid of Facebook.
Its a time suck.
And a brain suck.
I rather be loving my life, not looking at others' lives.

I do love to snoop though.
And I do want an iphone.

I (well N and CTA) finally got rid of my couch.
After an impulse $600 purchase 4 years ago, and a nightmare of moving it each time (its a horseshoe sleeper sectional), 2 years of storage and water damage, it is officially on the curb and will be gone (fingers crossed) by the time I get home.
Sometimes, only in retrospect does a 'good deal,' become a sharp thorn in your side for friends (who store it) and family (that move it).
Luckily, I was able to buy N and CTA a round last night for their troubles at La Boca and then witness a crazy thunder storm on my way to dinner at N's house.

My sister-in-law had been playing Suzy Homemaker all day and dinner was great.

CTA left at 5AM this morning and after a sticky night of crappy sleep, I woke up every half hour to remind myself to go for a run before work and then talk myself out of it based on the impending 15 hours of work in front of me today.

4 days.
6 shifts.
1 pedicure with the sister-in-law.

Beach time.

And listen to these guys-
their Heineken commercial makes me happy.

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