Thursday, July 28, 2011

A rough week...

So this week went into the gutter...
not really..
I worked Sunday night,
which ruins my weekend...
CTA left on business for the week :( on Monday.
I visited my oldest friend and her amazing son.
I pulled a double on Tuesday and saw a friend from Georgia.
I got 3 hours of sleep on Wednesday morning before talking my Southern
friend to breakfast and the airport-
after which I slept in my car for 30 minutes...
at work..
during which my boss parked next to me.
Last night I wanted to go home and sleep.
Instead I drove to Worcester with Kel to potentially die by a Craig's List killer (I'm still new to the online buying).

I wound up with a practically brand new Canon Rebel XSi.
Which makes me happy.
I came home and slept...too long.
I woke up 7 minutes after I was supposed to be in work.
I'm working until 1 AM.
I have tomorrow off and am going rock climbing with Mom,
CTA is coming home,
I'll be regrouping.
And THAT is enough of THAT.

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