Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday Dinner

I made these last night.

*Word to the wise: Don't try the carrot slaw immediately- the graw garlic needs a few minutes to mellow & add cilantro...to everything...always....

And these (minus the shrimp.)
With CTA's siracha, sweet & sour, amazing sauce.

And they were both amazing. But they're one of those things that you know are healthy- I mean its chicken and veggies. So you eat too much. I really should have taken a picture because the colors of the food coincidentally matched the plates...and hot sauces. I gave Kel's' takes-amazingly-beautiful-pictures-without-even-trying-camera' back so I just feel like my camera isn't worthy to take photos unless I'm in a high risk area- meaning the camera will inevitably be dropped, get wet, or sat on.

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