Sunday, August 30, 2009

Peter Piper....

Look what I made! After picking up some emormous tomatoes at the Mansfield Flea Market and making an heirloom salad, I stopped at a farmer's market and decided on making super quick pickles...and I couldn't turn down some dilly beans. I fudged with both the recipes, adding way too much garlic (I can't help myself) and hot peppers!

Dilly beans with a whole head of garlic

Cukes with another whole head of garlic

Heirloom salad with some yellow cherry tomatoes courtesy of Dad with scallions and red onions for color


And one of my dollar finds at the flea market!


  1. We will have to have a taste off with Nate's beans and pickles!

  2. You didn't get any because I just made them! and why yes, a friendly competition is always good!