Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A snow day for wrapping up the summer...

You would think a snow day would be the perefect excuse to actually get some things done- unless you're me. I woke up at 7, emailed my boss that in fact we would be closed, called and changed the automatic answering message (in my most amazing 7AM voice), texted my employees the good news, and called the local news to let them know that we were all staying home. Then, I went back to bed. Snow days are the equivalent of staying home sick- but the sick when you feel fine, but are contagious and must not do anything. At the very least, I'll catch you up to speed...or at least til the end of summer. August is easy because it consisted of the most epic wedding to least until mine...Basically, there were too many amazing people and too many amazing photos to list here (and I'm being good and not using any of the pro's photos), but here are a few highlights:

So to sum up the Bryenton/ Pierce wedding, here are the points I'd like to make:

  • A lobster, a steak, & some pork for all 250 people
  • A hired helicopter to take ariel photos
  • An 80's hair band
  • It got shut down by the cops
  • My mom made everything she promised and more!
  • The best Hookers & bartenders money could buy
  • Beautiful weather for August 7th in New England-and I'm not just saying that!
  • An impressive gathering of awesome people
  • A loving couple that couldn't be happier

Congrats to my big brother and the newest Pierce.

Welcome Crystal...and good luck!

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