Friday, January 28, 2011


So we've been working on the kitchen. The house is circa 1925 and was owned by a photographer. I can't take any credit for seeing the beauty in its purchased state, considering I'm a newer addition than the cat, but I have seen an impressive transformation. When I came into the picture, even in the 'friends' regard, there were awkwardly placed walls and ugly carpet. I was called upon, with some flattery by my brother, to help design the kitchen. Fast forward a few months and I was helping pick everything from the wall colors to the lighting fixtures- so that it would feel more like 'my home.'

He appreciates my input and likes my ideas. He isn't afraid to say 'no,' but he's also tries everything once- and is learning to trust.

Original cabinets, refinished & distressed- no thanks to Martha's paint

Cappuccino Walls

Oil Rubbed Bronze pulls

Crown molding & full-size-bed peninsula courtesy of my brother
in HD Laminate in Deepstar Flint- the hardest choice yet...

Refinished original floors that came out amazing

Cast Iron Sink (with Pebblz mat) & Oil Rubbed Faucet

Now to order the back splash...something like this...

pick up two more bar stools...

and install the base board...

So maybe it isn't such a short list...

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