Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010 Close out...

December started out in St. Louis. Alone. For work. I ate at the bar every night. So I didn't have to get a booth for one. Super lonely. Amazing. But lonely. And cold. Still exciting.
Here's the run down, complete with commentary:
  1. Blueberry Hill, rude bartender
  2. Moonrise Hotel, A-MAZING- and the Eclipse Restaurant there is great too!
  3. Kaldi's Coffee, good breakie- like Starbucks, but an old man laughed at me. Not nice.
  4. Schlafly's- damn good beer and good company...minus the Dr. Seuss spoken word...
  5. Rooster- OMG Best Breakie!
  6. Crown Candy Kitchen- the Travel channel was right...mmmm...pastrami
  7. Highlands Brewing- don't bother
  8. The Pin- Up Bowl- classic bowling and a bar-great- but bring friends!
I went to City Museum and almost had a heart attack. No joke. I had to find a quite corner and have a moment because it was just so over whelming. It was by far the craziest and scariest thing I've EVER done. And I'm always crazy so I think that illustrates my point. If you ever have the chance, go. Seriously. Mind. Blowing.

St. Louis Arch

Back in CT, we find a happy dad..

a first timer that passed with flying colors...

and a Hooker blanket for a great big brother & soon-to-be-ex-landlord.

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