Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jump on in!

We may be 6 days in, but there's always room for a new start. As promised, more is on its way and always a priority, unfortunately, its usually not at the top of the list. There's always something else that needs to be done, a new project to be tackled. Some call it 'living.' 2011 should prove to be the biggest and the best, as stressful and fun-filled as ever before, but as long as I, and hopefully you all, am surrounded by people I love and love me, then it will be tops.

As I mentioned, more IS on its way. Mostly thanks to this (notice the FastCompany-because I'm taking adult life seriously...):

And the wonderful geek that set it up for me to maximum photo and blog capabilities!

Here's what he got:

Even though he doesn't play...

The tree is naked,

And the sparkly NYE shoes are on the shelf...

So jump on in!

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