Thursday, January 7, 2010

For the birds

So Christmas Eve, I received a call from Phillip (who I now know as Filip) at my work. Filip, who is with Nordstroms, sounded fabulous in the most flamboyant way possible. He called to find out if I was interested in 200 fake birds that they used in their Christmas display. He informed me that they would be thrown out. How could I turn down free shit!? Never mind obviously fabulous free shit from Nordstroms?! Then I realized that he wasn't calling ME, he was calling my work. He wanted to know if WE could use them. I told him yes anyway. Fast forward 2 weeks because I totally spaced and got crazy with Christmas/ Long Island Hell New Year's and I finally went to pick the birdies up. I am greeted by a slight 20 something with gravity defying hair (Filip) and Clair, a rock and roll chick with rad tattoos. They bring we into the belly of the beast...AKA the storage basement of Nordstroms.

Spudnik w/ enormous resin bead covered cord

After showing me the birds and loading up my (!) cart, they asked if we could use some lamps. I am a sucker for lamps, so I said yes. We piled a couple of fabby fab spudnik pendant lights on top of my stash and headed to the car. Claire & Filip invited me to take new stuff as displays were dismembered. I did however did turn down a pair of over-sized re-production toy cars because I didn't want to seem greedy. Off to work I went. Feeling remorseful, I told my boss about the birds....I just didn't tell her how many I got. I'm so great.

My fine 'feathered' friends

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