Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Awkward Convo...

So here's an awkward convo I had with my mom. What's even more awkward is that she'll read this.

Background info: chatting with Mom on my way home from work about New Year's Eve plans on New Year's Eve eve.

"Were your boots delivered?"


"Darn." (she actually says darn)

"I know. I was going to wear them with my new skinny jeans for New Year's."

"Well...what if they are delivered tomorrow?"

"I'll be at work and I have to try the whole thing on to make sure it all works."

"Well, just make sure no Long Island boys...."

"I'm really not worried about that right now."

"Well good, because...."

"Ya, I'm really not worried about that...."

"Because we have to find you the perfect man."

"Really not worried..."

"Because you are the best."

"I KNOW. That's why I'm not worried."

At 23, and after the end of a 6 year relationship, I still don't want to talk about the correlation between cute boots, skinny jeans, and Long Island boys with my mom.

Maybe I'll do a little toilet fashion show when my boots come in like this incredibly awesome calves aren't as nice though...


  1. I personally didn't think the convo was that awkward.
    Please refrain from swearing ( I only do it under my breath and when I am alone).
    Did the boots come yet?

  2. It was funny. And when did I swear? And no. They are out for delivery today. SUPPOSEDLY.

  3. It is refreshing to see I wasn't the only one to have this sort of conversation with my mother. Only for me it was "boy's from the sub base,