Thursday, April 7, 2011

Breaking up is hard to do:

Here's the thing. I've been feverishly...OK, not feverishly, but regularly catching up on blogs and I'm finding that many of my favorite bloggers have more than one. One personally driven and another, passion or career driven.
So here's the plan: I break up with my blog.

I have my personal, DIY, handmade, photo diary, travel, good things, obsession, awesome blog, and then...AND THEN, I have my wedding blog.

Its a no brainer because I blog so much and post daily, religiously.

And I have so much spare time.

And someone is going to see the wedding one and be like:

'OMG! We need you on our team!'
'I want to pay you tons of money to quit your job and design my wedding!'

And if that doesn't happen, there's the backup plan:

Someone will see my super awesome 'Mega Life' blog and be like:

'OMG! We need you to be the awesome on your team!'


'I want to pay you tons of money to quit your job and be awesome!'

And if all else fails, CTA will take care of me forever.

He doesn't know about Plan C.

Or at least the financial portion of it....

Foolproof I'd say.

And here's some basic awesomeness for future employers to get a general idea of the level of awesomeness they are dealing with.

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