Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Wednesday...this is it.

Thanks to the fine folks at Green Wedding Shoes, I found this gem of a wedding! Seriously. So many elements I love. This may be- dare I say it- my favorite wedding. It was photographed by the very talented Kelty of Steep Street. I pretty much stole all the pictures- because they are all too perfect. She also did engagment photos for Khali and Potsch- that you can find here.

Married in front of their new 'family tree'

Scraps of fabric tie the whole audience together and matching bridesmaids' shoes- not dresses- but I love the peacock palette

Mustaches & Handmade Spats

Airplane Flight Inspired Seating Chart

Vintage Suitcase & Coloring Pages of the Bride & Groom

Sausage Menu & Gorgey Fabric

Terrarium Centerpieces

Funky ribbon garland, natural wood pedestals, & Michael Goundry

Jam Favors!

My favorite pom-poms!

I also loveee the company that the bride and groom have Honey B. Too cute and funky.
Update! I found more photos of the wedding- check out the stop motions jump shots about 1/2 way down!

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