Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Green & Yellow

So the Packer's won.
I don't really care.
I like cheese.
Lots of cheese is made in Wisconsin.
The Packers are from Wisconsin.
That is as much of a positive connection as I need.
I'm more concerned about the fact that I ate approximately 7,000,000 calories. I complained about this last weekend and you probably thought I was exaggerating. Maybe I was then. I am not now. I woke up at midnight. Ready to vomit. Seriously. From being so full. Not pleasant. A certain Chili Cookoff took place. There was plenty of trash talking. I learned some things and called a truce.

Our chili

some of the spread sans chili

vegetarian chili-very good regardless of the fact that its an oxymoron

grape jelly meatballs

cupcakes I successfully avoided...in favor of cheddar ale fondue (not pictured) even though I love store bought cupcakes.
I'll be in the gym for the next 1,000 hours.
Or at least I should be.
St. Maarten.
St. Maarten.
St. Maarten.

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