Thursday, September 3, 2009

Needless to say, I'm just a bit over whelmed. Between being extremely under staffed at work, blowing up with hives and then becoming the Incredible Hulk on Prednisone, and dealing with family stuff and everyday life....its just too much. Anyway, I've been doing an awful job of taking pictures, but here's some of the most recent ones.

Fire @ Nate's

iphone happy J & N

Delicious and a Twilight-y name...

Goodies in the mail

My first mailing for the Benevolent Postcard Society

Freshly mowed field at dawn-it took a lot of self control not to jump in

Fun blurs at Weezer

L's baby belly....can't wait to feel a kick!

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  1. I love your postcard. I have visited the the website and it looks like fun.
    Good Work.