Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hebron Harvest Fair

So every year since I can remember, I've always headed to the Hebron Harvest Fair in Septmeber. It was always the week after school started and a reason to celebrate. It was an excuse to eat too much, hang out with friends, and spend $4.00 on powdered lemonade. My mom would always make me get 'dinner' fried dough, because when it has sauce on it, it must be healthier! This year was a little sad though, empty booths due to expensive fees, really high ticket prices, and a lack of raspberry lime rickeys made me realize the commercialization of the little town I grew up in. With a single ride on the ferris wheel (which was not even running) at a staggering $5.25, I stuck with my corn dog and enjoyed the demolition derby with old friends and new ones.One of the few running rides

Empty and still

Never gets less creepy

Demolition Derby: The Real American Dream

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