Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snow Day!

I wake up to Will, otherwise known as 'Doodle.' My brother's six year old God-son stayed with us because Mom and Dad had extra early shifts. As I silence my alarm, I hear leaf blowers that turn out to be snow blowers. I get up to see a blanket of thick white stuff and enormous flakes falling.

Will, on his way to the bathroom in amazing dinosaur pjs, I say "Hi."

"Hi" I get back.

"Have you looked outside?" I say.

"Ya. It's light out."

"No, look" I open my curtain.


I get dressed for work and shovel the driveway with my brother.

I make breakfast as the teacher, on her snow day, sits and watches cartoons with Will, also on his snow day.

As I put on my jacket to head out, I get a call from the carpenter from my work.

"Don't kill yourself to get in."

"Oh, OK."

"This morning is a great day to make me cookies though."

And it was.

Can't beat coconut chocolate chip with way too much butter.

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