Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wedding Wednesday...the dress

Some say its the 'most important detail,' others say that 'you'll only wear it once.' My brother's fiance was engaged on a Saturday and bought her dress on Wednesday. I say you 'just know,' and she just knew.

Here are a few of my favorite-mostly unexpected, and all incredibly beautiful.

I've dreamt about this dress since I saw it...

Josephine by Stephanie James Couture

Hilary designed the dress herself!

Dramatic & elegant


  1. I love the way they made the green ribbon become part of the fabric. I have a picture of a dress that I cut out of a magazine years ago always thinking it would be the perfect dress for you. I will have to find it and show you.

  2. Are the pictures taken on the Stephanie James website taken at the neon sign graveyard in Vegas?

  3. Of course. More reason to love her. I gotta get a media pass or something so I can go and shoot there....