Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Plague

So I've had the plague since last Monday. Here are some pictures. They really don't do it justice because my super nice Canon can't even bring itself to focus on the madness in my mouth. That's right, my tongue was orange...for 3 days...and no, I didn't eat orange things. Jerk Dr. Bentley (who almost killed me once, but was the only one on call) said that was normal. WTF?? NORMAL? He said "it was my tongue regrowing" or something. Bull. And then, there were chunks of taste bubs missing as the back. Just bloody holes. Gross. Take a gander at the red enflamed mess that is my throat. Ya, it hurts as bad as it looks. AKA, no swallowing. On the bright side, I didn't eat for a couple days so that cancelled out not going to the gym. Now, the throat is in check as well and the discolored/mangled tongue situation, but I have a sinus infection and haven't had a voice since Saturday. I talk all day at my job. Amen for texting. ox and good luck not catching the plague because its sooo not funs and it'll make you uber sad.

Happy Snow Day, even though it isn't snowing anymore.
P.S. How much do you love my spit strings????


  1. You are an angry young woman aren't you? You still do amaze me. One day weddings and vintage smaltz the next day spit strings and gross throat pictures. You are such a well rounded person.
    Nice teeth though....

  2. Cait......I seriously underestimated your ability to be GROSSSSSSSSS......I don't ever want to hear you say that I am being nasty with my pictures....LOL baby that is NASTY!!!! makes my drain hair look like child's play.
    Sick-O......weird-o I need to go have a good cry and try to wipe that from my memory. I am going to go wash my brain now.....

  3. I looked again....why I dont know but you nowhat i noticed this time....You do have nice teeth....
    see I am trying to look on the bright side of all of this...........

  4. hahaha. I love you guys and thanks for the compliment on my teeth. hahha. Ill miss you this week, but Im already petitioning dave for better slasa for next week!